Trevor Rostant, now deceased, spent forty-three years of his life as a staid banker with the Barclays Group and retired in 1979.  Ten years before this event however he had decided he would embark upon a second career in the art world.  The decision to do so was not an unprompted one, but a return to an early love affair with painting, voice training, the stage and a passion for literature.

Rostant was a self-taught artist whose love for the arts began as a very young student at St. Mary’s College, where he illustrated posters for the College’s annual events, its Shakespeare productions, in which he also acted, and was also a member of the school choir.

At the beginning of World War II he acted and sang in major roles in Operettas produced by the Southern Music Society and subsequently joined the Royal Air Force, returning to Trinidad in 1947.  He continued for some years with his concert and stage work until his banking career became more demanding of his time.  Throughout his career he never gave up his love for art and music, and on his numerous visits to Europe constantly attended art galleries as well as classical concerts.

Ten years before retiring, Rostant began to take his art seriously and prepare himself for his future painting career.  In the process he acquired a library of art educational books and also attended several art workshops in the US and Canada.  As a land and seascape artist he paints on location as his inspiration comes from close contact with nature, which, he says, cannot be gained by working in a studio. 




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