Glenn Roopchand

Growing up from humble beginnings in Trinidad and Tobago, Glenn was influenced by renowned artist, Carlisle Chang, with whom he worked and developed his skills in the areas of painting, mural, costume and stage designs.

A desire to pursue a professional career in painting led him to being awarded a scholarship to study art at Pratt University NY and Art Students League NY.

He returned to Trinidad in the late 1970’s and spent years teaching art at high school level.  Glenn exhibited his works at various galleries and two of his paintings are in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago.  He received honours and awards, namely winner of the Trinidad and Tobago leg of the Caribbean art competition and first runner up in the finals held in Barbados.   One of his paintings tiled “Jana Gana Mana”; mixed media was featured in the International Review of African American Art, Vol 8, #3, 1989.

Currently Glenn has his studio in Montclair NJ and holds a B.F.A. in studio art from Montclair State University.  Art enthusiast visited his studio during the annual Montclair Studio Tour featuring the works of Montclair artists.  Over the years he exhibited at Medgar Evers College NY, The Trinidad and Tobago mission in NY, Iandor Gallery Newark NJ and other locations, the most recent being The Caribbean Latin Fine Art by the sea, South Street Seaport NY.

Glenn continues to work diligently exploring and creating mixed media pieces consisting of found objects, textural surfaces, a harmony of colours and forms representative of his Caribbean heritage.  He believes that all living entities are incarnates of a universal feminine principle, called nature, which ignite cosmic overtones of pride, dignity and spiritual affinities.

“ From diffuse experiences of life, the clear utterance of Art draws a passionate response.

Being conscious of the fact that Art does this in the mind of its maker and then in the mind of its public, my motive as an introverted painter is to evoke ones participation.

My paintings recall vague memories from our lives ever wondering and things we pass by, comprising images, actions, energy etc within an incompatible framework, embracing a simple idea.

Since it has been frequently noticed that colours and tones available to the painter cannot equal the variety we meet in nature, my aim from the very start is to create images essentially different, and also a flat depth that goes beyond.”

Green Jam
Sun Dance