Larry Mosca

Born in 1953, 18th May in Woodbrook, Port-of –Spain, Trinidad. His father was of Italian heritage; his mother was of English/German heritage.

In 1975 he won an Art Scholarship from the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Arima. The artist had three weeks of training with wildlife artist and Ornithologist, Don Richard Eckelberry. With Eckelberry, birds were caught in mist-nets, studied and painted then released at the end of the day.        

After the seminar, Mosca worked for his first one-man-exhibit. In 1976 he held his first exhibition.        

Since then Mosca has had over 20 one-man-shows in Trinidad. In May 1993 he exhibited in Argentina, Buenos Aires.

The artist says: “To be free from all impositions, all conditionings, all beliefs, all ideologies: only then can one experience one’s innocence, one’s purity, one’s divinity, one’s freedom.”

Owl at Sunset