Born and educated in Trinidad and Tobago, Earl’s natural talent and creativity was recognized and nurtured as a youth at Roxborough Composite School. Although the majority of his technique has been self-taught, he has benefited from international training and independent study with International Correspondence School.

Earl Art™ has been featured in several exhibitions in the Caribbean and Europe.  He has received awards from the Tobago Art Committee, and was featured in the 2003 CLICO Calendar. Most recently, Earl’s work was displayed at the request of the Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago in the United States, at the Organization of American States in Washington D.C.

Earl was also a part of an exhibition of Caribbean artists in Washington D.C., at the Zanzec Bar on the waterfront. Artists like David Boothman, Wilcox Morris and many others participated. Earl’s work can also be found at The CLICO Ltd. Website.

Much of Earl’s work is inspired from the simple pleasures of life. He works in oil, watercolour, pen and ink. His work has grown over the years, and has been commissioned by Bridget Annisette-George, Angela Cook, Andrew Cummings, Ossie Moore, and others. He looks forward to progressing and improving his already impressive talent. Earl is still lives in the lovely village of L’anse Fourmi Tobago where he has created a place of his own.

Bussin Cocoa
Mt Irvine Beach