Robert Mackie

Born in Sutherland England in 1938, Bobo moved to the Caribbean as a young teenager first to Jamaica and later to Trinidad and Tobago where he settled, married his wife Dina and raised three children.

Bob Mackie: lived in the Southern Caribbean (the place he still calls “home”) for over forty years, migrating to Redondo Beach, California in the mid 90’s.  The Caribbean influence is still very apparent in his work.

Bob has always maintained a separate professional career in Product Management, working in various manufacturing industries including: textiles, footwear, printing and plastics.  Presently he is a designer/artist for the Tile Guild, Los Angeles.

An accomplished multi-media artist, Bob has held one-man exhibitions for the past twenty years in Trinidad and Tobago.  Perhaps best know for his metal sculpturing he has exhibited pieces throughout the Caribbean and London. 

Bob also works in watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, paper collage and cold enameling (cloisonné).



Malachite Worl...
Blue Mozart
Caroni Dreams