Abraham Kyawana

Although born in Trinidad in 1972, Kyawana Shaw-Abraham has lived in Tobago for the last twenty five years. She is the quintessential ‘Trinbagonian’, embracing the challenges, opportunities and experiences offered by the diverse traditions, beliefs and ethnicity our twin island state.

 Self-taught, she is not inclined toward any particular style and is known primarily for her large floral oil portraits which burst with vibrancy and expression. Many, particularly persons who have migrated from Trinidad and Tobago, have also come to enjoy and collect her pieces depicting children coloured with nuances of our rich culture. “I have been painting for almost thirteen years. It has been a sporadic vocation whilst raising my family, but one that has proven to be valuable to my self-development....the support of my family and friends cannot be underestimated.”

 “Stephanie Johnson, the curator of The Pac, provided me with the first opportunity to display my work publicly, that was in 1999.” Kyawana has since exhibited at the Horizons Gallery, Mucurapo, in the group exhibition entitled “Caribbean Light and Rhythm”, staged her solo exhibition at the Art Creators gallery in the year 2006 and has shown her work at Horizons and The Art Gallery in Tobago.


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