Leo Glasgow, now deceased,  was born in Trinidad on 31st January 1926.  Until he went to school, he lived with his grandparents.  He attended Richmond Street Boys School while living at the time with his mother in Argyle Street, East Dry River.

Leaving school he lived with an aunt in St. James. About this time his interest in designing and painting carnival costumes began, in particular, fireman jerseys and tee shirts.  This helped to start his career in painting.  He believes that Carnival has shaped a sense of colour and movement in his paintings and the Baptist and Shango ceremonies he attended with his aunt have made him more aware of Trinidadian life and increased his powers of observation.

In the 1950’s Glasgow won a scholarship to train as a Photo Litho Artist at one of Trinidad’s leading newspapers.  From there he moved to advertising, first as a Senior Commercial Artist and then as an Art Director. In 1957, Glasgow received the third prize in a painting competition sponsored by Texaco Trinidad Inc.

In 1967, Leo Glasgow won the Trinidad Art Society Award for the two finest works on show. Also in that year, he was chosen by researchers at Teachers’ College, Columbia University to participate in the use of Art Education in drug rehabilitation programs. An exhibition in New York in 1969 brought him international recognition, leading to a reputation as one of the premiere contemporary painters of the day, and solidifying his position in the art community today.

In  1975 he was presented with the ‘Outstanding Instructor’ trophy for Art Therapy and Teaching from the Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation, where he was employed as an Art Therapist. He also exhibited at the Trinidad Holiday Inn that year. The next few years were spent creating special commissions for public and private spaces, culminating in 1979 with assignments as Art Consultant with the Board of Education in New York.
In 1987 he participated in a group exhibition at the Trinidad Hilton. From then until his solo exhibition in 1990 at Art Creators in Trinidad, he experimented with technique and form to expand his expression through art. He spent 1991 - 92 conducting workshops for individuals and groups in the U.S. His ‘Caribbean Visions’ exhibition showed at the Kirby Gallery in Barbados in 1998, and he spent the balance of that year offering private viewings to individuals and groups at various studios in Trinidad. Since 1999 Glasgow has exhibited regularly at Horizons Art Gallery in Trinidad.

Glasgow’s corporate clients include Angostura, Hilton International, Royal Bank, Bermudez, Texaco and Clico, among many others. He has exhibited work in Trinidad, Dakar, Sao Paulo, Canada, the United States, Barbados and Mexico.

“The definition of art is anything that makes you feel or think,

it’s the reproduction of the mind”.
Leo Glasgow, 2008


Leisure Time
Pan Dingolay
Psalms 84:11