Liz Gardner

Elizabeth Louise Gardner, better known as Liz Gardner, has been working as a freelance artist and graphic designer for the last 30 years.  Liz studied at Ontario Fanshawe College for three years and earned a degree, with a major in Painting and a Minor in Graphic Design. She is also experienced in screening/printing techniques.

Gardner designed 45,000 fabric patterns for Queensway Fabrics, which were sold throughout the Caribbean.  She also produced a large quantity of graphic designs for BWIA, TSTT & PowerGen (Trinidad), Fu-Tech Designs (New York), Style (Martinique), Red Stripe (Jamaica) and Jeanmarie (Barbados) as well as many other local boutiques and businesses. She produced black and white illustrations for McMillan Publishers, England, to be used in CXC workbooks.

Gardner re-designed interiors for the Queen’s Park Oval and Coblentz Inn and for three private residences.Gardner has produced 5 one-woman exhibitions with 40-45 paintings each at Horizons Art Gallery and at another leading gallery in the Port of Spain area.

As owner and manager of Plantation Clothing Company, she was responsible for graphic designs on t-shirts, women’s apparel and other forms of print media such as postcards, logos etc.  During this time she worked on several productions at Queen’s Hall.  Gardner was also involved in stage production at the Little Carib Theatre with Beryl McBurnie and with Lennox and Cookie Raphael in Belmont.

At Star Productions – a video production company, she produced documentaries for UNICEF.  This entailed travelling throughout the Caribbean islands which broadened her horizons and gave her much of the inspiration for her work.  Starr productions was the only company to have an all-female film crew that produced a documentary “Sisters of the Sun” for the Women’s Summit in Nairobi in 1986.Gardner enjoys teaching students and was employed as Art Teacher at Holy Name Convent, Port of Spain for two years.  Gardner was the Artistic Director in Stage design, make up and costume with Holy Name Convent and Queen’s Royal College when their choirs toured London with Geraldine O’Connor and Michael Steele.  She also taught Art and English Literature at St. Anthony’s College for 3 years.

Private collectors of Gardner’s work include a High Court Judge, Government Ministers and other officials and overseas collectors reside throughout Europe, North America, South Africa, South America and the Caribbean.
The Trinidad and Tobago Government selected one of Gardner’s paintings as a gift from Trinidad to President Bill Clinton at the Summit of the Americas in Miami in 1996.



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