Jacqueline C. Prudent Guzman



Even when I was a child I found myself appreciating every form of art, it could have been trees swaying in the breeze or just an old broken down chair, and I have found that these artistic endeavours have followed me through to today.


At the age of 13, I studied art under Mrs. Freda Artman a well established artist in Trinidad. For the next 6 years, I learned the basics of drawing and painting and became familiar with styles of vivid colouration and ways to explore the world around me; and was influenced by some of Trinidad’s renowned artists, such as Jackie Hinkson, Cazabon, Sundiata and Boscoe Holder.


In May 1998 I received a degree in Physical Therapy from Lynn University (Boca Raton), and currently I am pursuing a degree in Psychology. Needless to say art has been my primary interest.


My work has been a combination of personal experiences, techniques of modern manner, primitivism and simplified drawings with flattered effects and bold colours which are very visual and stunning.


Painting gives me a purpose to create, which is an unending challenge.