Noel  "Vau" Vaucrosson

Noel  "Vau" Vaucrosson was born in 1932. He became an architect, having gained his Master's Degree in 1967 from McGill University, Canada. He also studied painting and design for three years at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal.

Vau started painting while still a student at Queen's Royal College. He first exhibited with the Trinidad Art Society in 1955.

From 1971-1974 he was president of the Trinidad Art Society.

His paintings have been shown locally in mixed shows and in one-man exhibitions in Trinidad as well as in Canada. He is represented in the National Collection of Trinidad and Tobago and in private collections in the Caribbean, Canada, United States of America, England and Australia.

His works have been shown in the Trinidad and Tobago display at previous Sao Paulo Exhibitions and in the O.AS. Exhibition in Washington in 1972 and in other official exhibitions. Vaucrosson was a painter whose work ranges from realistic to the semi-abstract in style. The medium he favoured was water-colours. His main themes are based on Trinidad landscapes, street scenes and buildings.

Noel Vaucrosson was the winner of the Hummingbird Gold Medal in 1993 (Trinidad and Tobago).
Vaucrosson's delicate brush work and translucent washes are treasures. He was able to capture the burnished heat on a galvanised roof at midday with one svelte stroke. Vaucrosson was a former President of the Trinidad Art Society and the Horticultural Society.

Coastal Scene
Houses on Hill