Adele Bernadette

Adelle Bernadette is a self-taught artist who is not afraid to venture into new territory. Not only is she an inspired painter, she is also a highly skilled craftswoman and a stickler for quality, often preferring to mix her own paints by hand, than use manufactured paint. Although it takes more time, she feels the quality shines through. “There is more purity, control and freedom when I’m working with created paints,” she says.

Prior to painting, Adelle worked as a wood carver and sculptor commissioned by the Lakota First Nations’ elders and spiritual community to create ceremonial healing pieces. Following a life-altering event in 2002, she turned to painting as part of her healing journey. The result was the highly intuitive and spiritually infused paintings she has come to be known for. Each painting carries a distinctive emotional and ethereal quality that she attributes to her deep connection to life and her purpose. Her unusual ability to connect to the spiritual nature and life force of her subject matter attracts viewers into the essence of her work.

“My Shamanic studies taught me the significance of applying energetic imprints into my paintings. There is a spark within that unites us like the threads of a beautiful tapestry that have has been woven over eons of time. My greatest inspiration is the divine presence I see in all things.”

Adelle finds that by traveling to different countries and participating in other cultures she is able to gain new insight into the human experience and incorporate her vision into her art. “Cultures rich with history have so much to teach us. The people’s strength of spirit, openness of heart and unwavering appreciation for life deeply moves and inspires me. The grace and generosity they exude has caused me to rethink and live my life quite differently.”

Adelle not only receives inspiration from the places she visits, but feels passionately about giving back. In 2010 she traveled to Haiti following the devastating earthquake to assist as a trauma relief worker. While there, she sought out promising local artists who had lost everything and brought their artwork back to Canada to sell in her art exhibition.  This simple gesture provided the means for a Haitian artist to support their family with dignity. “It takes very little to make a significant difference in people’s lives. After returning from Haiti, I sent a few art supplies with instructions to a family of Haitian artists and now they’re making their own paints.”

Adelle’s commitment to exploring the interconnection of the inner and outer worlds leaves the viewer mesmerized and almost breathless at the beauty, spirit and emotional range she is able to capture on canvas. The depth of her vision is reflected by her growing internationalreputation as her paintings continue to be acquired by private collectors worldwide.


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