Tessa Alexander

          Tessa’s objective is to create art that spiritually and emotionally highlights our interconnection with the world. She works with an assortment of media exploring the different textures and tones therein. She has had numerous exhibitions from 1997 to present day.

         With a background in fabric design, her work utilizes the many facets of producing texture by layering different types of paper, decorative elements and diverse gel mediums onto work surfaces before applying colour.  This results in her work appearing almost three dimensional and very rich in tones while at the same time working spontaneously to create a watery dreamlike feeling.

          Tessa is the coordinator of the Children’s Art Education Program at CCA7 and gives workshops at various primary schools, encouraging the children to tap into their own creative abilities. She is married to a Social Worker Gregory Sloan-Seale. They have three daughters.


For further information and Artwork feel free to visit Tessa's official website at http://www.wix.com/tessaalexander/tessas-website


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