Anne Louise Tam

Art books and an exposure to Art through artist friend Carol Soo Lum influenced the teenaged years of Anne Louise Tam. While she had no formal training then, she would dabble in art, painting “au plein air” on painting outings with now renowned artist Carol Soo Lum. Training would come later when she would attend classes from Sheila Edwards and also attend many Art workshops including some by renowned artists including Jackie Hinkson, and Carlisle Harris.

Theatre opened a door to support her creativity and artistic flair, and for some time took precedence as she directed many award winning plays for the Secondary Schools Drama Festival. She also received acclaim and Cacique Awards for her performances in many plays including the recent multiple award winning “Three Women”.

Influenced by the European Impressionist painters including Monet, Manet and Cezanne, whose works she studied in galleries she visited in Italy, France, Spain and England, Anne Louise paints with the Impressionistic “broken-colour” technique with short broken brush strokes, which leads to the blurring of outlines, so the form seems to be partly dissolved.

Beach Scene
On the Hillside